Hi! I'm Courtney, the girl behind the camera. I am a 23 year old living in Durban, South Africa and I find joy in capturing moments and memories. 

I like to think that my creative outlook on life reflects in the photos that I take, giving them each an authentic and natural element. 

I love that I have been given this opportunity to live out my passion daily, while being able to meet new people and bring them joy.

A bit about me:

I got my first camera for my 12th birthday and then my first  DSLR camera for my 14th birthday. In 2019 I bought my own BRAND new Sony Alpha. I am completely self taught and am continually learning new tricks and techniques. Although photography is my daily joy, it is not my only passion. I have always loved dancing, singing and basically most art forms. I am currently studying my Masters in Psychology, and photography helps me to keep a creative aspect to my days. 

My favorite thing about photography:

BY FAR, my favorite feeling is the one I get when I turn the camera around during a shoot and show my client a photo that I just took. No one seems to react the same way, some get shy and look away, others cannot believe that the photo is of them. I LOVE making others feel beautiful and happy.

Contact me and lets book you a shoot; whether it is you alone, you with a friend, your family, your dog or an event, I'm your gal!

Contact Me

Durban, South Africa


Tel: (078)-553-8542

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